The fridge is clicking? What’s up?!

You are comfortably settled in an armchair and drink coffee, but suddenly you hear a strange beeping from the kitchen. What is it? Really a mouse? No, it seems to be a refrigerator. But why it beeps, you surely remember that you closed it. Why the refrigerator is beeping?

Refrigerator is beeping! Why?

Modern models of refrigerators are equipped with sound alarms, which warn of a loose door closing or temperature change inside the unit. The sound signal, as a rule, is accompanied by a light signal: the special indicator on the refrigerator body is flashing or lit red or orange. The alarm signal when the door of the unit is open makes it close and thereby prevents the occurrence of some serious breakdowns. But if you find that the refrigerator is beeping with the door closed, this sound can become an alarm signal. However, it’s necessary to make sure besides the breakdown there is no other reason for refrigerator to speak with you.

First of all, check if the refrigerator door is closed tightly, may be something inside prevents from complete closing. Perhaps some kind of handle from a frying pan or a saucepan. Try to push the dishes deeper inside the refrigerator.

May be, you put into your fridge too many stuff with the room temperature simultaneously. In this case, don’t worry, after a few minutes the beeping will stop.

In a new refrigerator beeping may be a result of setting temperature. To achieve the desired temperature regime it can take up to 24 hours, and all this time some models of refrigerators can beep.

In the freezer a large layer of ice has built up, which causes the temperature sensor to “read” the temperature information incorrectly. In this case it’s necessary to make a full defrost of the item, and to look at its work after defrosting.

Check if the “Super Frost” mode of intensive freezing of products is turned on. If so, turn it off.

If none of the above situations is similar to your case, we recommend you to call a specialist who will make the diagnosis and, if necessary, repair the refrigerator.

How can I turn off the beeping sound in the refrigerator?

The non-stop beeping of the refrigerator can really annoy everybody in your family. Disconnect it before the arrival of the master is quite simple. Usually there is a special button on the body or display of the refrigerator. In different brands, it can be labeled differently. In Liebher – it’s “ALARM” or “OK”, on Bosch – the image of the speaker, in Nord – a crossed bell. If you don’t understand how to turn off the sound in your refrigerator, refer to the manual instruction.

The most common breakdowns when the refrigerator starts beeping

Most often, there is a situation where the refrigerator isn’t just beeping, but still isn’t freezing enough. In this case, the audio signal indicates exactly the problems with the cooling ability.

Symptoms of a malfunction and Possible cause of occurrence

Symptom #1. Besides the constant beeping in a single-compressor refrigerator, both compartments don’t work, in a two-compressor refrigerator – one of the compartments. In this case, the motor normally works without disconnecting, or with a short break to “rest”, in order to compensate for the lack of cooling capacity and lower the temperature to a predetermined value.

In some models of refrigerators, a red light may flash or blink. This is an indicator of an emergency situation. In case of Ariston electronic refrigerators, the display shows error A2.

Possible cause. There was a leak of freon from the system. Most likely, somewhere there was a microcrack through which freon began to escape.

It is necessary to find a leak point, to seal the system and refill it with freon.

Symptom #2. Both compartments don’t work, in a two-compressor refrigerator – one of the compartments. At the same time the alarm indicator on the refrigerator body may flash, and the refrigerator motor can work with no break.

In the case of Liebher electronic refrigerators, error F2 is displayed.

Possible cause. Probably, the thermal sensor has failed, the temperature in the refrigerator rises and the audible alarm sounds.

It is necessary to replace the faulty thermal sensor.

Symptom #3. A. The refrigerator is constantly beeping. The refrigerator motor doesn’t turn on. Inside the refrigerator is warm. At the same time, the light in the refrigerator compartment is burning. Indicators on the refrigerator body can also burn, indicating an emergency.

B. The refrigerator is beeping, the compressor turns on and immediately turns off. At the same time inside the unit is warm. In some cases, the motor itself can also be heated.

C. The motor of the refrigerator works with a small break for “rest” or without disconnecting. In this case, inside the unit is warm. Also, except for the beeping, the indicators on the refrigerator that indicate an error may flash or turn red.

Most often, the problem is typical for refrigerators with a long service life.

Possible cause. The motor-compressor may be out of order.

It is required to replace it.

Symptom #4. In addition to audible alarms, both compartments don’t work in a single-compressor refrigerator, in one two-compressor refrigerator – one of the compartments. The emergency light may also be on or flashing.

Possible cause. The control module (board) is out of order. It could burn out because of voltage drops.

It is necessary to reflash or replace the control module.

Malfunction in the defrost system

Symptom #5. In the refrigerator the temperature is increased and emergency alarm has turned on. The red ALARM indicator (or other emergency indicator, depending on the brand and model of the unit) also flashes. At the same time, you can see a strong frost in area of evaporator.

Possible cause. Most likely, there was a malfunction in the defrost system (the timer, defroster, defrost heater and / or droppings, fuse could fail). As a result, the defrost of the evaporator doesn’t turn on in the refrigerator.

It is necessary to replace the failed node.

Symptom #6. In the freezer compartment of the refrigerator temperature is raised, the compressor is running, but the sound of the fan is not heard. The unit is beeping all the time.

If the refrigerator with a drop defrost system the refrigerator compartment works properly.

Possible cause. Most likely, a fan has failed, which pumps cold air into the refrigerator and freezer compartment.

A fan replacement is required.

Symptom #7. In the refrigerator besides the sound signal, the heat in the refrigerating compartment, and the red emergency lamp flashes.

Possible cause. In the cold air supply system from the evaporator to the refrigerating compartment, the damper “jammed” in the “No flow” mode and cold air doesn’t enter the refrigerating compartment at all.

The damper could “freeze”. Also, the control reed switch or the geared motor, which turns the damper, could fail.

It is necessary to repair or replace the failed parts.

Symptom #8. The refrigerator is beeping all the time. The refrigerator door doesn’t close completely. The refrigerator motor turns on more often than usual. In some models, the red indicator light on the refrigerator body is on or flashing.

Check the tightness of the door closing by using a test with the probe: take a strip of paper 4-5 cm wide and lay it between the refrigerator body and the door, closing it. If the seal is not damaged, you can not pull the paper out of the closed door. The easy removal or dropping of a paper strip indicates the presence of a gap. Thus it’s necessary to check the seal around the entire perimeter of the door.

Possible cause. Most likely, the door seal was worn out. The reason for this may be a long time of exploitation or negligent attitude towards the refrigerator. For example, if you strongly slam the door, the rubber sealer loses its elasticity, deforms and begins to let warm air into the compartment.

Replacement of the worn sealant is required.


Sometimes the refrigerator makes beeping, even if it freezes regularly. Below you can find the breakdowns typical for this situation.

Symptom #1. The refrigerator is beeping constantly. The emergency light on the refrigerator body may be on or flashing.

Possible cause. Most likely, a door-closing sensor (reed switch), which mistakenly “thinks” that the refrigerator door is open and signals a squeak, is out of order.

It is necessary to replace the faulty sensor.

Symptom #2. In addition, that the refrigerator is beeping, the electronic scoreboard on its case doesn’t work (the breakdown is typical for refrigerators with electronic control). Sometimes this also extinguishes the light in the refrigerator.

Possible cause. The plume of the refrigerator display was traced, as a result the contact between the refrigerator and the door disappeared.

Replace the display cable.

Symptom #3. On the refrigerator panel, some control buttons are heavily soiled and “dormant”. For example, the temperature control buttons (in this case the temperature inside the refrigerator may change spontaneously) or the refrigerator activation button. The refrigerator is beeping from time to time. The indicators may be flashing.

Possible cause. There was a malfunction of one or more control buttons (for example, the temperature selection buttons, because of which the operating mode of the refrigerator is constantly switched).

It is required to replace some faulty buttons or the entire panel of buttons entirely. If necessary, it is also necessary to disentangle weak connections and clean or replace “burnt” contacts.

At first glance it may seem that the beeping of the refrigerator is not such a serious breakdown. Finally, you can turn off the annoying sound and forget about this problem. However, if the refrigerator is beeping, it means that it insistently “complains” about something, and as you can see from the table above, serious malfunctions of some of its elements can be covered for beeping. Therefore, turning off the alarm without further clarification of the cause of the sound signal can cause serious disruptions in the further operation of the unit.

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