The refrigerator is flowing

The flood in the kitchen, as a rule, is the “handiwork” of washing and dishwashers. However, sometimes it happens that a refrigerator can become a source of water. Your assistant freezes as usual, but at the same time “made a puddle”? So, our article is for you.

The puddle on the floor(( The Refrigerator is flowing?

For a start, don’t panic! If the refrigerator is freezing, the problem is not so serious. Much worse if the puddle formed because the refrigerator stopped working at all. Next, proceed to a closer inspection of the refrigerator. You need to determine where the water is.

If the water is under the fridge only

First, determine the source of water. Is it exactly flowing from the refrigerator? Perhaps, the nearby riser of central heating was leaky, or someone from the household had spilled water? In the event that everything in the apartment is in order and the water source is exactly a refrigerator, check:

  • Condition inside the refrigerator compartment: if the refrigerator is dry inside, there are no puddles under the boxes for fruits and vegetables, the walls are normal – without ice, frost – the drainage tube may have “left”, and instead of accumulating in a special tray, the water flows straight to the floor. Also, occasionally it happens that the tank for collecting water breaks. Most often, such problems arise if the refrigerator has recently been transported or moved. Check where the water flows and the integrity of the bathtub can be done by pushing the refrigerator away. The drainage pipe, “descended” from the place of easily gets better by hand, but to replace the broken bath you may need to call the master.
  • Condition inside the freezer compartment : if you see a large layer of snow and ice on the walls of the freezer, the evaporator heater probably failed. In this case, the ice builds up in it. When you open the freezer, under the influence of heat, the “ice coat” melts, the water merges into the drainage hole. But the bath is not designed for such a large amount of water, and it overflows! As a result, you see a puddle on the floor. It is necessary to replace the heater of the evaporator.

If the water is everywhere: inside the refrigerator and on the floor

However, most often refrigerators cry massively: in this case the water is visible both on the floor and inside the refrigerator. The reasons for this may be several:

Symptoms of a malfunction and Possible cause of occurrence

Symptom #1. In the refrigerator water flows from the freezer. Inside the freezer, there is a strong icing and unfrozen water.

Possible cause. The drainage hole in the freezer could be clogged, and therefore surplus moisture can not leave the camera. Accumulating, the water partially freezes, forming a “coat”. The same part of the water, which didn’t have time to freeze, flows through the seal on the floor. To solve the problem, it is necessary to clean the drainage sink. However, it is inside, under a plastic box. So we recommend you trust such an operation to the master.

Symptom #2. In a refrigerator with a “crying” evaporator, water flows from the refrigerating compartment to the front. Also, the water “stands” under the boxes for fruits and vegetables.

Possible cause. Probably, the drainage hole in the refrigerating compartment was hammered. It is located in the lower part of the back wall. When you get into it crumbs or other small objects, the hole is clogged and the water has nowhere to go.

The drain must be cleaned.

You can do it yourself: take a small syringe and fill it with warm water. Inject water into the hole. If you can’t wash the water with a blockage, you can try to push the “stopper” with a cotton swab or a cocktail tube. Don’t drop the object inside!

Symptom #3. The refrigerator freezes food, especially on the lower shelves, and under the boxes for vegetables and fruits, a layer of ice and water. Also, the puddle is visible under the refrigerator.

Possible cause. Perhaps the rubber seal on the door was worn out. Warm air gets inside, so the refrigerator freezes more than necessary,ice formed on the walls. From the permanently penetrating heat seal, the “ice coat” melst. With such a quantity of water, both the drainage hole itself and the water intake can not cope. As a result, the water partially “stands” in the refrigerator, in part – goes into the water basin, where it pours to the floor.

It is necessary to replace the seal.

Symptom #4. The refrigerator has only been brought or recently moved from place to place. Under the refrigerator there is a puddle, water and ice are visible inside the refrigerator compartment; products are frozen, despite the set temperature regime.

Possible cause. Incorrect installation of the refrigerator. If the refrigerator is uneven, the door may not fit securely. Warm air seeps into the compartment, the refrigerator tries to compensate for excessive heat and works too hard, freezing food. In this case, as in the case of a leaky seal, both the header and the drainage hole don’t cope with the abnormal amount of water, an internal and external “flood” occurs.

It is necessary to adjust the level of the refrigerator by level.

As you can see, the reasons why the water in the refrigerator and / or under it are not particularly scary, and in most cases give in to “self-treatment”. But don’t delay with this. If our advice didn’t help and your refrigerator is still “sitting in a puddle” – contact the professionals:

Tel (669) 244-4488

Our masters will easily determine the exact cause of excessive moisture and eliminate it at the very minimum time.

Procrastination, unfortunately, can lead to much bigger trouble: from the water the details of the refrigerator start to rust. Most often in this case, fridges with a freezer, located at the bottom, suffer. Water will fall on the steel contour, foci of corrosion are formed, through which no more water flows, and freon evaporates. The elimination of “holes” in the circuit, its sealing and the refilling of the system with freon – this is much more complicated, and as a consequence, an expensive procedure. Agree, you should not wait for this! So follow our instructions, and if something doesn’t work out, call the hotline of our office. We will definitely help!

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