Ice Age: if the refrigerator is over-freezing

The main task of the refrigerator is cooling and keeping products fresh. However, everything should be in moderation. After all, if the refrigerator suddenly decides to freeze more than necessary, the result will be diametrically opposed. From excessive cold food will freeze and become unfit for eating. If instead of fresh tomatoes you suddenly found frozen tomatoes, or something else turned into a snowy statue, it’s time to sound the alarm!

The Refrigerator is over-freezing? The cat doesn’t care

The optimum temperature in the refrigerator compartment is +5 degrees Celsius. It can be a little lower in the “zero zone” compartment. This is enough to make the products feel great. But sometimes it happens that ice age comes to the refrigerator. Why this could happen?

The refrigerator is freezing too much: what to check first?

It can seem to you trivially , but first check all the settings. In mechanical refrigerators, the optimum temperature controller position is between 2 and 3.5. Even if the heat is high, do not wring the regulator to the maximum: a working refrigerator will cope with the summer conditions, but an excessive pressure can, lead to a breakdown of the unit in a shortest way. For electronic models, the temperature is selected in degrees: set the value to 4-6 ° C.

Checking showed that everything is normal, but the refrigerator is still freezing too much? Hence, there was some kind of malfunction.

The most frequent reasons why the refrigerator is over-freezing

A number of breakdowns can lead to excessively diligent work of the refrigerating compartment. Some of them are very simple, which you can easily eliminate on your own, others are very complicated ones, which can only be liquidated by a professional master. Below is a list of the most common problems and their symptoms.

Symptoms of a malfunction and Possible cause of occurrence

Symptom #1. In the refrigerator water flows from the freezer. Inside the freezer, there is a huge ice building up and unfrozen water.

Possible cause. Most likely, the sealer worn out. Warm air penetrates into the refrigerator to compensate for excessive heat, the unit is freezing more than necessary. As a result, a “coat” is formed on the walls, the products freeze.

It is necessary to replace the rubber seal.

Symptom #2. The refrigerator is over-freezing, while the ice is visible in fruit compartment and the water is accumulated under the drawers

Possible cause. Probably, the drainage hole hammered and condensate can’t leave the refrigerator naturally. As a result, water accumulates in the lower part of the refrigerating compartment and turns into ice.

It is necessary to clean the drainage hole.

You can do it by yourself: using a syringe with warm water or a cocktail tube.

Symptom #3. The refrigerator is over-freezing, and in the freezer it’s warm. Thus the motor works very actively, with small pauses.

Possible cause. Probably, there was a blockage in the capillary system of the refrigerating compartment. The motor can’t pump the freon through the system due to the appearance of a “thrombus” (usually they arise due to burning engine oil).

It is necessary to clean the system, refill the refrigerator with freon and check the oil (you may need to replace it).

Symptom #4. Externally everything is in order, but the refrigerator is over-freezing (for electromechanical refrigerators).

Possible cause. A thermostat could go out of action. In this case, the “brain” of the refrigerator doesn’t receive a signal that the set temperature has already been reached, and therefore the unit continues to freeze.

It is necessary to replace the refrigerating compartment thermostat (thermostat).

Symptom #5. Externally everything is in order, but the refrigerator is over-freezing (for refrigerators with electronic control).

Possible cause. Probably, the air sensor has broken, which sends the control card temperature data. The refrigerator doesn’t receive a signal that the compartment is cold enough and continues to pump up the cold.

It is necessary to replace the air sensor of the refrigerating compartment.

Symptom #6. The single-compressor refrigerator defrosts the products in the main compartment, and in the freezer – the temperature is higher than the set value.

Possible cause. Most likely, the switching valve has broken. In a faulty condition, it often “sticks” in the “cooling of the refrigerator and freezer” position. As a result, it is too cold in the refrigerator compartment, it’s too warm in the freezer.

Valve replacement required.

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