The fridge is clicking. What’s the problem?

The sounds of a working refrigerator are known to everyone. However, sometimes the refrigerator starts producing clicks. May be something has broken down?

The fridge is clicking? What’s up?!

If you hear unusual sounds, you should check whether the refrigerator is freezing or not? If everything is visually in order, the temperature reaches the set value and nothing special, except for clicks in the refrigerator’s operation, there are several reasons for this sound.

  • If you hear clicks during the rest of the compressor, most likely the sounds are due to deformation of the materials at cooling and heating. The plastic parts and the tubes of the “crying” evaporator can crack. There is nothing to worry about in such noises – the design of the refrigerator takes into account the possible expansion and contraction of materials, and this will not lead to breakages.
  • In case you hear clicks when you turn on or turn off the refrigerator – most likely, it’s the sound of the thermostat. Some models of temperature sensors are more loud and can you can hear them pretty well. This is not a breakage. However, if this is your case, you will hear these clicks of the refrigerator from the first hours of its work in your home.

If the fridge never behaved as the Nutcracker and if you see other deviations in its work except strange sounds, for example, the refrigerator is clicking and isn’t freezing – then there is a breakdown. Call us for diagnostics and repair: (669) 244-4488

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