Refrigerator won’t stop and keeps running. Check it by yourself

Did you have noticed continuously running compressor in refrigerator? This doesn’t necessarily mean that the refrigerator is not working properly. Use our DIY checklist below and you probably can find the issue and fix it by yourself.

Under the phrase “refrigerator is not working” we usually understand simple fact – it is not cooling or freezing. But sometimes we got exact opposite problem: refrigerator won’t stop and keeps running all the time, so looks like it enjoys this hard work job.

A normal functioning refrigerator operates by cycles of 12-20 minutes, it pauses a pause and takes a rest. Within an hour compressor rests 3-4 times. If the temperature in the room is high, it may take longer to operate the compressor and it’s absolutely normal. But at least once an hour, the refrigerator compressor should turn off for a while.

The refrigerator doesn’t turn off and run continuously: what should I check first?

Common reasons why well-functioning refrigerator doesn’t turn off and works without stopping.

The refrigerator door is ajar

Sometimes a large plate, bottle or something that didn’t fit properly into the fridge or freezer, prevents the door from closing. You probably didn’t notice before because the barrier is small and the door looked like it closed properly.

The mode of superfreezing or rapid cooling is ON

With electronic control the compressor switches off automatically usually after 8 hours. With mechanical control you must turn off the non-stop cooling mode manually.

High temperature in the room

For example there is a hot summer, or maybe the refrigerator stands close to the heating battery, radiator, water heater, burning fireplace or another heating appliance? In this case provide ventilation, better air conditioning, move the refrigerator into the corridor or another room.

Did you check everything and that problem still there? Call to appliance repair service. Before appliance repair technician arrives, the refrigerator should be turned off by pulling the cord out of the outlet.

Troubleshooting a refrigerator won’t stop and refrigerator repair costs

Refrigerator door gasket damaged and wearing

Door has stopped closing tightly and warm outside air got into the refrigerator. Temperature grew and compressor got a command to work without stopping until it gets cold again. Refrigerator door gasket needs to be replaced. Average refrigerator door gasket replacement $360

Thermostat or temperature sensor failure

In this case, the “brain” of the refrigerator doesn’t receive a signal that a low temperature has already been reached, so the motor continues to freeze. The problem can easily be solved by replacing the temperature sensor or thermostat. Average refrigerator temperature sensor replacement $195

Control board failure

Refrigerator control board can’t properly processes the signals coming from the temperature sensor and thermostat. Technician can return the refrigerator to the system at the first visit by replacing the control board. But in some old units (more than 10 years old) control boards are not longer available in supply stores and even at the manufacturer and there is only way to repair it. Our technician will take it out at the first visit, change necessary parts then turn it back at second visit, if the problem couldn’t be fix same day. Average refrigerator control board replacement $360

Blockage in the capillary pipe of the evaporator

As a rule, blockages are causes of depressurization of the seal system and formation of ice in the place of the damage. Technician will try to find the exact place of the blockage and fix the refrigerator immediately. In some cases replacement capillary pipe and evaporator coil are required.

Average refrigerator capillary pipe replacement $410

Refrigerant (freon) leak from the cooling system

Freon is a gas that makes cold and freeze refrigerators and air conditioners. Freon goes into the pipes under the pressure and even a tiny hole or damage of cooling system pipes may be the reason of freon leakage. Success of the repair depends on the place, fridge model and age. The tech will find the location of the leak, fix it, vacuum the air out and put the necessary amount of coolant into the system.

Average refrigerant (freon) recharging $265, freon leak repair $365 (with recharging of freon)

Compressor worn out

Sometimes an old compressor is unable to create sufficient pressure in the pipes. As a result, the set temperature regime is not reached and there is a cause of the non-stop operation of the compressor. Compressor replacement usually the most expensive repair of refrigerators. But it is worth it. Especially if you like your fridge and it was working without any problems before. With a compressor replacement, the filter dryer replacement, and so vacuuming and freon recharging required.

Average refrigerator compressor replacement $650

All prices are very approximate and total will depend on from many conditions. Technician will provide full estimate after inspecting the refrigerator, taking into account the nature of the failure, as well as the manufacturer and model, age and position.

Prices are indicated only for the labor. Extra charge will come with spare parts.

How dangerous when refrigerator runs constantly?

When the refrigerator compressor runs continuously, it starts to overheat and wears out much faster than in normal operation. Depending on the model of the refrigerator, the quality of the components and the assembly, the life of the compressor is only about 6 months.

Therefore we recommend not to delay the refrigerator repair. Do not wait for minor problems which can lead the larger problems. Call (669)244-4488 Skyrocket HVAC & Appliance repair.

Technician will make proper diagnostics and provide clean and honest estimate for the repair before job will start.

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