Refrigerator is not cooling, but freezer is cold. Troubleshooting

Freezer still cold, works in a regular mode and looks frozen as should be, but in the refrigerating compartment the temperature doesn’t match to the preset value and is much higher than 37F. When refrigerator is not cooling you’ll find it shortly: food spoiled, milk squeaked. If not – be prepare it will happen soon.

Temperature goes up? Don’t wait long – you can save the food

Warm refrigerator is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous: when working in faulty mode, the appliance can finally fail due to overloads, which means that repair can cost you a bunch of money. In addition, incorrect temperature of food storage can negatively affect on the health of your family. Don’t wait for it. So at the first signs of growing temperature try to find out why refrigerator is warm: with professional appliance repair technician or by yourself.

First let’s decide on the type of your unit: different models have their “illnesses” and weaknesses. One-compressor or two-compressor helper has settled in your kitchen?

You can find information in the instruction, on the manufacturer’s website, or in the sticker with a model number, that placed inside the refrigerator on the left or right side. Use the model number and google diagram or just call to us: we will figure it out in minutes.

If your refrigerator is two-compressor (like Sub-Zero), read the article The refrigerator does not freeze? If you have a one-compressor refrigerator (like Kenmore, LG, GE, Samsung and etc.), stay on the current page. Below we will look at the main problems and find out what could have happened.

Refrigerator does not cool: repair by yourself

To understand why the refrigerator does not cool and call for appliance repair service, check for faults that you can repair by yourself.

Is the refrigerator door closed properly? Probably, something prevents it: a large pan, a bottle, a handle from a frying pan. Is it so? So, push in this stuff more deeply! However, if you didn’t notice immediately and on the back wall, the “fur coat” is already frozen, or a puddle is visible from underneath the refrigerator, it is better defrost it. After switching on everything should be in order.

It is hot in the room and the maximum mode set in the freezer? In this case, the compressor simply can’t cope with the increased load. In 1-motor refrigerators, first of all, the power is directed to the freezer, and the cooling of the main compartment starts after the temperature in the freezer has reached the set value. To make power be enough for everything, rearrange the thermostat in the freezer from the maximum to the recommended values ​​(middle)

Has the air duct from the freezer frozen in the refrigerator? In some refrigerators, the duct design that connects the freezing and refrigerating compartments has a manufacturing defect. For some reasons, after several years of operation, the air ducts are clogged with snow and ice and the cold ceases to flow into the refrigerating compartment. In this case, a complete defrost of the refrigerator is required – at least 10 hours.

Our recommendations have helped and everything has become normal? Congratulations! If not, it is likely that the refrigerator has a malfunction that can be repaired by a professional technician. Check the list below and estimate the approximate cost.

Troubleshooting a refrigerator that does not cool

Below you can find common malfunctions of warm refrigerator. For a number of additional symptoms you can guess what exactly is the problem. For your convenience, we tried to systematize additional symptoms of malfunctions.

Evaporator fan is not turning even after defrosting

Evaporator motor fan has burnt out. Perhaps this was due to the freezing of the fan, perhaps it was a natural wear of the part. Requires replacement of the evaporator fan motor.

Average cost of evaporator fan motor replacement $225

Ice and snow built up in the refrigerator, especially on the back of the freezer

After defrosting the fan started turning, but after next several days ice built up again.

The evaporator heater has failed. When heating element stopped melting evaporator coil due defrost cycle and there is a lack of time to melt the coil by itself. From cycle to cycle layer of ice is formed on the evaporator and becomes bigger and bigger. Soon, grown ice prevents the rotation of the evaporator fan that pumps cold air into the refrigerating compartment.

It is necessary to replace the heater. Average cost of evaporator heater replacement $250

Compressor does not turn off. In the freezer a large ice sheet or temperature below the set value.

Malfunctions of the freezer thermostat, defrost thermostat or evaporator sensor: all cooling power goes only to the freezer, since the refrigerator “seems” that the temperature in the freezer is not sufficiently low. It is necessary to replace the thermostat or the sensor.

Average cost of thermostat, defrost thermostat or evaporator sensor replacement $185

In the upper face part of the freezer compartment rust stains are visible

(for refrigerators with a bottom freezer).

Freon leak through the steel contour of the freezer compartment

because of blockages in the drainage hole in the refrigerator, water can flow “out” – on the top and front of the freezer. It is here (under the plastic) is a steel contour. It is necessary to ensure that the condenser doesn’t form condensation. In case the water “passes” through the plastic and gets on the contour – it starts to rust and micro-holes are formed, through which freon leaves. It will be necessary to cut off the rotten contour, to weld the system without it and refill the refrigerator with freon. Average cost of freon leak repair $365

Chunks of ice on the back of the freezer and tubes

Freon leakage due to mechanical damage to the circuit. If this happens, the master will find a leak, and then pressurize and refill the system with refrigerant (freon). Average cost of freon leak repair $365

WARNING: When you defrost the refrigerator, don’t help it to defrost quickly by using any sharp tools. You can damage the evaporator coil! Just turn it off, open the doors and wait for the ice to melt.

Cabinet side bloating and/or a strong hoarfrost in the refrigerating compartment.

Leak of freon in the sealed part of the refrigerator. In this case, the opening of the refrigerator body will be required – the operation is laborious and very dirty, therefore repair is possible only in the service center. Specialists will conduct an opening of the refrigerator cabinet, find a leak location, carry out hermetic sealing and refilling the system with freon. Average cost of freon leak repair $365

Long stops in the operation of the compressor.

Malfunctions of the refrigerating compartment thermostat: the compressor switches off immediately after it has cooled the freezer to the desired temperature. Switching to the cold room does not occur, because the signal that the temperature in it is high doesn’t flow. It is necessary to replace the thermostat or control board. Average cost of refrigerator thermostat replacement $265

Sounds of mechanical torsion from the refrigeration compartment.

The valve that opens a damper to let the cold air from the freezer is stuck in the closed position. Average cost of damper motor replacement $285

However, like real doctors, our technicians make a diagnostic better, this article only tip-off. After all, there are a number of breakdowns in single-compressor refrigerators that don’t have additional external symptoms. For example, these are:

Litter in the filter-drier or in the capillary system. In addition to freon, the oil circulating in the refrigerator also circulates necessary to lubricate the compressor motor. Over time from heating and cooling, the oil burns out and “thrombi” can form in the filter-drier or in the capillary system of the refrigerator. Need diagnostics with the help of vacuum equipment. If the fears are confirmed, the master will eliminate the “thrombus”, will replace the oil and freon, or capillary pipe if its required. Average cost of refrigerator capillary pipe and filter-drier replacement $410

Decompression of the motor. The working pressure in the motor is from 4 to 10 atmospheres. When decompression, the pressure is lower than necessary, so that it is sufficient only for the freezer. Most often this is due to natural wear and tear. It is necessary to inspect the motor, which results in repairs or full replacement, which will cost the customer $650

The problem with the defrost valve (for refrigerators with electronic control) it “stuck” in the “freezer” mode and there is no switch to the refrigerating compartment. Replacement of the control board is necessary. Average cost of refrigerator control board replacement replacement $375

The reasons why refrigerator is not cooling are uncountable. Our techs often find mixed problems that need to be fixed together.

Therefore we recommend not to delay the refrigerator repair, which became warm and will rise temperature every hour. Do not wait for minor problems to lead to large. Call (669) 244-4488 Skyrocket HVAC & Appliance repair.

Technician will make proper diagnostics and provide clean and honest estimate for the repair before job will start.

NOTICE: All prices are very approximate and total will depend on from many conditions. Technician will provide full estimate after inspecting the refrigerator, taking into account the nature of the failure, as well as the manufacturer and model, brand, age, position and other.

Prices are indicated only for the labor and parts and not included taxes and transportation.

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