8 reasons why refrigerator is making noise

What should you do if your refrigerator suddenly started making noise and buzzing? Normally every refrigerator produces some noise. You can hear as compressor starts, when it cools or how evaporator fan turning, when you open the doors. We so got used to quiet sounds, that sometimes we just don’t pay attention on them.

How long fresh vegetables can be without refrigerator?

If new refrigerator is making noise

An acceptable value of the noise level from a working refrigerator is considered to be up to 55 dB. It’s like talking in a full voice. But if you look at the manufacturer’s claimed specifications, most modern models of refrigerators will have a figure of about 40 dB.

Note: when you choose appliances, look at the label that is glued to the front of the unit. It indicates the class of energy consumption, the volume of the cameras, and the lowest digit is the treasured decibels. If the question of comfort is especially important for you – compare different models and buy with the lowest noise figure!

You chose a quiet model, but the refrigerator still buzzes like an airplane?

  • First, check if the shipping bolts are removed? They fix the springs on which the compressor is attached. If you don’t remove them, the springs will not perform their damping function, and the refrigerator will be buzzing very much.
  • Secondly, give time to the refrigerator. To “fumigate” completely and go to normal operation, the refrigerator takes up to a week.
  • Third, check that the refrigerator is installed correctly. Is it in contact with furniture or other objects that cause resonance and amplify noise and hum? Remember: for normal operation of the refrigerator, you should always leave a gap of at least 5 centimeters from the objects surrounding it.
  • Fourth, check that the refrigerator is loaded correctly. This tip is relevant for both new and long-used units! Perhaps in the refrigerator there are some jars, pots, bottles touching and all this is ringing and resonating. In this case, just change your stuff properly.
  • Fifth, if the refrigerator growls only when the motor starts to work, this is normal! When it starts working it needs more a large starting current to “start” the rotor – as a result, you hear a short growl.

If you have everything perfect on your shelves and your refrigerator works not the first year, before you didn’t hear any noise from it, it means there was some kind of malfunction. And your fridge wants to tell you about it.

Troubleshooting of refrigerator is making noise and repair cost

New Embraco refrigerator compressor has been installed

The refrigerator is noisy and hums when the compressor is running.

Most likely, the compressor was worn out. As a result, there was a formation of backlash details: possibly, pistons or rings of pistons were worn out. As a result, you can hear loud noises.

When the parts become badly worn, the motor decompression also occurs. In this case, you can observe the longer work of the motor-compressor.

Requires replacement of the motor. Average cost of a compressor replacement: $650

The refrigerator is noisy when the compressor cycle starts and when it finishes

Most likely, the shock absorbers of the compressor have been weakened and you can hear the vibrations from the working motor pretty strong. At the moment of starting and stopping, a jerk occurs, so the sound amplifies.

Adjustment of shock-absorbers is necessary.

Average cost of adjusting the shock-absorbers: $185

The refrigerator makes screeching and metallic or striking sounds

Evaporator fan motor stuck in ice and can’t turning

If the sound comes from inside the refrigerator, it means the noise is produced by the evaporator fan motor in the freezer. Sometimes a layer of ice surrounds it. A twisting fan touches the blades over the ice, and you hear a creak and noise.

A complete defrost of the refrigerator is required: not less than 10 hours. Defrost will relieve noise for a while, but didn’t solve the problem. Ice build up in the freezer indicates a number of faults.

Check below our 8 reasons why refrigerator is making noise:

1. The refrigerator door is not sealed and the warm air from the room seeps through the cracks, then condenses into snow. It is necessary to adjust the door hinges or replace refrigerator door gasket. Average price of door gasket replacement $325

2. The evaporator heater failed that prevents ice and snow from building up on the evaporator coil. Average price of heater replacement $250

3. The defrost thermostat burned out and no power is delivered to the heater. Average price of thermostat replacement $225

4. The defrost timer is burnt out and now doesn’t start a regular defrost cycle of the refrigerator. Compressor operates without stopping and freezes the evaporator.

Average price of defrost timer replacement $225

5. The control board went out of order and stopped sending a command to start the defrost cycle. Average price of control board replacement $375

6. Evaporator fan motor burned out and needs to be replaced.

Average price of evaporator fan motor replacement $225

7. If the sound doesn’t come from the refrigerating compartment but, for example, behind the refrigerator, then most likely, the condenser dryer motor has become useless.

Average price of condenser fan motor replacement $245

Condenser fan motor cools freon running through the tubes of the cooling system and its malfunction will inevitably lead to complete defrosting of the refrigerator, overheating and possibly burnout of the compressor.

8. Drain line was clogged by water from evaporator coil, which turned into the ice in the cooling cycle and raised through a several of defrost cycles. Raised ice built up and blocked the coil, which no more able to vapor a cold air, and may started to block or touch the evaporator fan. This fan, of course, started making a noise. Average price of drain line defrosting and repair $225

The above problems require the intervention of a certified technician. Operating a refrigerator with these faults can damage the motor of the fan, and then you have to change it.

Besides noise, quite often you can observe “gurgling”, “creaking” and “clicking”in your fridge. In most cases these sounds mean normal operation of the refrigerator and are caused by movement through the refrigerant system or by compression and expansion of those or other components of the unit. But if before the fridge behaved quite silently, and suddenly began to “say something” – it is better to call the master.

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