Refrigerator compressor starts then shuts off right away. What’s the matter?

The operation cycle of refrigerator is two-step and easy: it turns on and cooling for a while, then it is turns off and “chilling”. Relation between the on-stream time and out-of-service time can be various – it depends on the selected temperature conditions and ambient temperature. If the refrigerator compressor is turned on and turned off in a few seconds, the damage of refrigerator can be suggested. There should be provided the diagnostics for compressor, which can’t be started and begin to carry the refrigerant by pipes. You have to be ready that the refrigerator would be defrosted entirely in a few hours.

First of all, you should control the electric line voltage and make sure that the required voltage (120 V) is supplied to the unit – you should do it before the call to appliance repair company. If the voltage is supplied, some damage can take place. You should find out more about the most common causes of damages listed below and become aware of the approximate cost for refrigerator repair.

Troubleshooting a refrigerator that turning-on and turning-off at once and repair cost

Refrigerator compressor is out of service

The refrigerator is turned on and turned off in a few seconds. You can hear the characteristic click; at that the refrigerator compressor is heated strongly. Sometimes, you can hear the buzz and current flow.

Most likely, the compressor is out of service: the disconnection of electrical winding and turn-to-turn short-circuit have been occurred, or the motor is blocked. The damaged motor starts the work; it is heated strongly, and the start relay is actuated providing the overload protection for compressor; whereupon the motor is turned off. The damaged motor-compressor is beyond the repair, its replacement is required. The average cost for replacement of compressor is $650.

Refrigerator control board malfunction

Control board

The refrigerator is turned on and turned off. The operation intervals have the different values of durability. The short duration failures at control board can also cause the short operation and turning-off for compressor. In this case, the control board in particular, issues the command for premature turning-off. The re-flashing or replacement of control board is required. The average cost for replacement of control board is $375.

Refrigerator start or overload relay issue

Start and overload relays

The refrigerator is turned on and turned off in a few seconds. You can hear the characteristic click. The compressor remains cold or becomes heated.

The start relay or overload relay of the compressor motor is damaged. Normally it is designed for motor control and overload protection. Its turning-on and turning-off is caused by connection and disconnection of bimetallic strip. When this strip is heated by flowing current, it is bended with a characteristic click, the contact is disconnected, and the motor is turned off. The damages of relay and alteration of strip conductivity cause the process abnormality, and the motor is turned off at once virtually. The replacement of start relay is required. The average cost for replacement of relay is $185.

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