5 common issues: why the fridge doesn’t close?

You took out some food from the refrigerator, closed the door and then heard the signal as like the refrigerator door was open. You tried to close it more tightly, but nothing has changed. The refrigerator door doesn’t close and continues beeping.

Refrigerator door is not closing properly? Before calling to appliance repair service, make a short look: is something stuck inside?

In this case, you can see an ice build up in the fridge or the freezer compartment or the gap between the body and the rubber seal on the door. It doesn’t matter how you found the problem and how “heaped” refrigerator you have. Not closing door in refrigerator is dangerous both for new and for old refrigerator. Constantly penetrating into the compartment, warm air is not just bad for health, but also harm appliance – to compensate for excess heat, the refrigerator, as a rule, works without stopping. This can lead to overheating of the motor and increased wear of other components.

In short, if you value your refrigerator and its contents, do not delay and start looking for the reasons why the refrigerator doesn’t close properly.

What should I check first if the refrigerator isn’t closing tightly?

If the refrigerator stopped closing, calm down. May be, everything is OK with your fridge. First, check:

Is there something inside , which prevents closing the fridge? Maybe it’s some kind of a jar or a frying pan handle? Push all the protruding products deeper.

Is the refrigerator standing on the floor evenly? Perhaps recently you moved it and placed unevenly? If you have an I-beam level, use it. Remember, the refrigerator should stand perfectly flat or with a slight backward deflection. A slope forward can cause that the door will be opening by itself.. If this is your case, adjust the legs of the refrigerator so that it stands properly.

If everything is ok with the contents of the refrigerator, and the position of the unit is correct, it means that some kind of breakdown occurred, so the door is not closing.

The most common reasons why the refrigerator isn’t closing

To diagnose problems with the door, which isn’t closing, there is a clever “test with a probe”. In fact, the probe is a strip of a very thin paper sheet 5 cm wide. It is laid across the rubber seal, closes the door and tries to pull it out. Normally, the paper is securely fixed. It is advisable to walk with a feeler along the entire perimeter of the door: perhaps somewhere the door is snug tightly, and in other places it “departs”. Such a simple diagnosis can significantly narrow down the range of possible problems.

1. The door isn’t closing, the test with the probe showed that the paper is not fixed at all.

Most likely, the fastening of the door was loosened, so it ceased to fit snugly. Adjustment of door hinges is required.

2. The door of the refrigerator isn’t closing, while the test with the probe showed that in different parts.

Most likely, refrigerator door gasket worn out: it happens with time, especially if you don’t look after it and clap your door with force. Rubber loses its elasticity, “flattened”, so the integrity is broken. It is necessary to replace the refrigerator door gasket. Average cost of refrigerator door gasket replacement is $265

3. If the refrigerator was recently purchased or old, but it was transported and moved, the door itself might have been damaged. If the door is slightly deformed, the adjustment can help, however, the door replacement is most often required.

4. The door of the old refrigerator seems to be “repelled” from the body itself

The most likely cause is the wear of the strip. Refrigerator door strip – is a small plastic element located at the bottom of the door helps the door, which helps to open and close smoothly. Eventually, especially if the refrigerator is often clapped, the plastic may collapse and the door will stop closing. Replacement of the strip is required. Average cost of refrigerator door strip replacement is $185

5. The test with the probe showed that the door is snug, but the beeping sound isn’t turning off. Most likely, a door switch has failed. Door switch replacement is required. Average cost of the door switch replacement is $195

As the practice shows, most often the problems with loosely closing door in the refrigerator are caused by not very careful operation of the equipment. Therefore, please:

-Remember, you shouldn’t slam the door! Сlose it gently always.

-Don’t close the refrigerator and immediately open it. Perhaps. you noticed that immediately after closing the door opens with great difficulty: this is due to the difference in pressure in the compartment and in the room. Wait a minute and then open the refrigerator. This will protect the rubber seal against micro-ruptures.

-Look after the door gasket: periodically wash it with warm soapy water. After that, dry and sprinkle with talc. Lubricate the sealant only by special means,exclude grease and oil! They destroy the rubber.

Follow these simple rules, and your refrigerator will last for many years!

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